Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Mon Feb 26 00:38:37 MST 1996

Ian, darling, I'm going to follow Jerry or Leo's example and ignore
their farts from now on.  BUt in practice people are not put off by
naughty words or bad attitudes.  What destroys groups like these
is sect-based infighting which drives every one away.  NAvel-gazing
sectarianism, rather than tasteless jokes or un-pc remarks, is what
keeps women and minorities away from Marxism.  It's usually the
straight white males who have nothing more important on their minds
than Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Bernstein, Pablo, etc.  It's the narrowness
of that pathetic political culturethat discourages people from
getting involved.  If this list really had something to offer minorities
and women, they would tolerate an endless number of minor offenses just
to get at something meaty and relevant to their concerns.
Now all you Stalinists please make an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian
so we can get on with it.

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