Revolutionary, Centrist, Reformist parties

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Mon Feb 26 09:32:46 MST 1996

    I think Brad Mayer did a good job responding on this thread and the
    Usec.  I do however have an additional question to those posed by

    The Usec, many times, confused strategy of building the
    revolutionary party with the tactic of the united front. For

    1. They just posted an article for its followers in Mexico,
    Democracia Radical, that *dissolved* into the FZLN.  They
    don't form with them a united front, nor unity in action, they
    just dissolved their organization.   Why?

    This is a continuation of their abandonment ot the PRT and
    joining the PDR (a bourgeois party?  Why they do this?

    2. They had the same line in Nicaragua in 1979, in El Salvador in
    1980 and in other countries.  This, of course, is different, quite
    different that they tactict in Italy, where they joined the RC
    as an organized tendency?  Can the Usec explains what are the
    differences and why they have them?  One thing is to be flexible,
    a different one is to liquidate their parties.  Why they do that?

    3. What are the conditions necessary, for the Usec, to maintain
    their own organization and what are the conditions to dissolve


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