Cuba Under Attack!

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Mon Feb 26 19:55:50 MST 1996

    President Clinton, yielding (once more) to the right, the
    Republicans and the gusanos has announced serious measures
    to be taken against Cuba in the aftermath of the downing of
    two Cuban-CIA sponsored planes by the Cuba Air Force.

    Clinton announced that all flights to Cuba carrying tourist
    and Cuban visiting Cuba will be suspended.  He is proposing
    legislation to utilized some of the blocked funds from Cuba
    to pay compensation to the families of the pilots.  He also
    announced new legislation tightening the embargo and isolating
    Cuba.  He also has called an Emergency Meeting of the UN
    Security Council and other countries are being contacted to
    be convinced to take similar measures. Clinton also announced
    that "Radio Marti" will increase its potency and number of
    hours of operation.

    This followed the illegal actions of the US government to launch
    a search and rescue operation, including the utilization of
    warships in Cuba's territorial waters.  Meanwhile, hundreds of
    gusanos were chanting "Guerra!, Guerra!" in a series of
    orchestrated demonstrations in Miami and other places.

    It is curious to note that eleven minutes (11 minutes!) after the
    planes were downed by a Cuban military jet, the newspapers in
    Miami and New York received a press released from "Hermanos al
    Rescate" and other counter-revolutioanry organizations in US
    territory --- what lead many to think that they knew the planes
    were there and were about to be shoot down!)

    Buchanan stopped short of calling for a direct invasion when he
    declared "We should include in our immediate agenda to overthrow
    the Cuban government of Fidel Castro".  Dole said similar things.

    The two planes shot down by cubans were part of a three plane fleet
    of Hermanos Al Rescate! - Brothers to the Rescue is an organization
    financed by organizations such as America Air, Mielson, inc. and
    other finance enterprises whose links with the CIA are evident.

    They repeatedly in the last three years violated Cuban Air space
    and, contrary to the US media, were repeatedly warned!  They even
    received an official warning from the US government, not to cross
    the imaginery border with Cuba.  Their missions were to dump tons
    of counter-revolutionary propaganda and to promote a selective
    program of "extracting" Cuban nationals from its territory.  They
    apparently disguised this activity behind the excuse of patrolling
    the ocean in search of "balseros".

    Are we confronting a new "Gulf of Tomkin"?


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