President Goat or President Elephant: 1996

Stephen E Philion philion at
Mon Feb 26 20:57:51 MST 1996


I agree with you.  However, if Clinton doesn't play the labor card in
some, even perfunctory, manner, it will be to his disadvantage, since at
least part of his vote does come from organized labor.  That is to say,
his hand, it strikes me, is being forced by Buchanan, since after
Buchanan's futile campaign, if Clinton doesn't take some kind of "stand"
(which he would of course forget the minute after an election victory) on
labor issued, he will be exposed to labor as completely undifferent from

Now, if he decides to blow off labor's vote and focus on the "middle
class" and business week readership vote...well, then the Buchanan
candidacy can only help him, since that crowd is very nervous about
extreme right wing nationalism, at the current moment...Between Oklahoma
and Buchanan, wall street appears quite comfortable with Clinton...that's
my take on the matter

>From a Clinton victory, of course, labor would secure little or nothing,
more likely the latter, save a tad more manoeuvering space...the rest
will be up to organized and unorganized labor to take up...


On Mon, 26 Feb 1996 glevy at wrote:

> Stephen: You forgot to mention that Clinton as well is supported by
> corporate capital and also, like Dole, has a huge war chest. Besides,
> why should he play the "labor card" when he knows that organized labor,
> on the whole, will support him regardless of what he says or does?
> Jerry
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