Cuba Under Attack!

Marc Viglielmo valdo at
Tue Feb 27 01:43:38 MST 1996

     I saw Clinton's news conference on CNN where he lied through his
teeth and then left immediately, like a coward, not taking any
questions.  CNN's OWN story, aired immediately after the Alarcon press
conference in Cuba, stated that the first plane had entered Cuban
airspace, and then Clinton goes on the air and says that they were in
interntational airspace, and then Wolf Blitzer, the kiss-ass, doesn't
even mention the discrepancy, nor did the CNN anchor (I forget his name).
     This is so obviously a pathetic attempt to gain right-wing votes on
Clinton's part, and now Buchanan is crowing that Clinton is finally
waking up.  Everyone should call the International Action Center or Casa
de las Americas in NYC to get the latest info on demonstrations.
According to the IAC, the planes buzzed Havana.  Clinton, you're a liar
and a coward.  The man who sent a missile slamming into Baghad killing
Layla al-Attar and others now whines about Cuba defending its airspace.

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