Revolutionary upsurge after WWII ( Jørn etc)

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Tue Feb 27 06:28:56 MST 1996

J=F8rn wrote:

>(Trotsky wrote the Transitional Program in 1938. His perspective was that
>after the
>coming WWII workers would rise as they had done after WWI. Events proved
>it mainly
>wrong - but his perspective was in no way "far out". The point is that the
>Transitional Program was a sort of a "short cut" to the REAL problem for
>revolutionaries: That there were no REAL forces at our disposal that would
>be able
>to challenge reformist and stalinist domination over workers' ideas. In
>that sense
>the Transitional Program was a "desperate call").

I think Brad Mayer and myself have shown in previous postings that there
was in fact a huge worldwide upsurge of both workers and the oppressed
masses after WWII. How else can you explain the enormous concessions made
(both political in terms of access to regime/government and economic in
terms of improvements in standard of living, welfare state etc) by
imperialism to the working class and the oppressed nationalities of the

This is the question, J=F8rn. It's not rhetorical. Please answer it.

I mean, you don't believe the concessions were either a) normal capitalist
procedure, or b) the expression of a historical local peculiarity such as
'the benevolence of imperialist leaders at the end of WWII', do you? And
you do accept the fact that huge concessions were in fact made, don't you?
So what was happening?



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