Popular Justice and The Rule of Law (Soviet law)

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Tue Feb 27 12:28:12 MST 1996

>Otherwise I agree with Luciano: like the achievement of bourgeois
>literaure, the acheivements are bourgeois law--and therea re real
>achievements--are a precious heritage, worthy of presevation. Also, of
>coursem develkopment.

Funny Marxist!   When classes are abolished and the state dissapears (is
abolished by the "withering away process" - and that is the aim of Marxism -
where will law (bourgeois or proletariat) would stand?

If you want to preserve the edifice of bourgeois law under the laughauble
and absurd - from the point of view of the proletariat, since bourgeois law
EMBODIES the rule of that class over the proletariat - why not preserve the
bourgeois state?  It is only by means of the bourgeois state that bourgeois

No wonder people like you - worshippers of every REPRESSIVE achievement of
the ruling classes (for that in a nut shell is "the law" under class
society) -  show such a concentrated and undisguised hatred for the

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