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 >> Louis: Well, Jim, I find you totally patronizing, cold and aloof. You will
fit in completely into the SWP. <<

  All right Louis, lighten up. Its not my experience that all the people still
in the SWP are cold and aloof. If we can co-exist with the Maoist's on the
l*st, we can have Jim Miller. At least he seems to write his own stuff. If you
are going to build the kind of Bolshevik party you advocate, you are going to
have to convince people like Jim, and me, like it or not.

  Yes, we need to learn from the Bernie Sanders who ran for Mayor of
Burlington, where I was working at the time, by the way. And the Alex
Cockburns and Doug Henwoods have their place too.

  Nevertheless, there are a lot of Jim Miller's out there, coming from the
SWP, IS, CP etc. background who have years of experience now, for better or
worse, in the working class. They have learned to do the kind of political
work that will be necessary in the battles ahead. Putting down their
organization that they defend or identify with, or jumping on the style of
expression that they have been trained in, won't help move the discussion

  Jim says he is not in the SWP. There probably is a story there, if Jim would
care to tell it. I would find it interesting. How about it Jim?

  By the way, Louis, I thought the point you made about Buchanan taking the
heat off of Clinton was right on the mark. I plan to write something for the
rail union section on how the Democratic party and Clinton are hobbling the
rail unions from making a real fight around the safety question.

 Best, Jon Flanders

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