Cuba under "attack"

boddhisatva kbevans at
Wed Feb 28 00:38:25 MST 1996

		To whom....,

	Carlos wrote that the leader of "Hermanos .....whatever (a real
red-baiter, like so many in the Cuban-American community) got what he asked
for when he sent his boys towards Hanava.  Yes, but remember that Castro GAVE
him what he asked for.  Castro (or whoever at the top) was stupid and selfish
enough to think that an insult was worth a couple murders.  This is barbaric
on the street, and inexcusable from a government.

	I'm afraid that the Cuban government has shamed their revolution with
this and like acts.  It's true that Cuba is under extraordinary pressure from
the US and the exile (good riddance) community.  However, the regime there
needs to plan for a socialist future that can withstand the brunt of exile
claims, jeers, and insults.

	The exiles are a bunch who want to put people out of their homes and
off land that their families once owned.  They have infiltrated the
Republican party completely.  They are mean bigots who mean to reinstall
themselves as Cuba's landlords.  They can only be defeated if the government
can show people more democracy, and respect for human right than the exiles
would.  That shouldn't be hard.



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