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From: Adam Rose <adam at>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 96 12:49:02 GMT
Subject: "Value theorists"

Does anyone have the email address of any of the "Value theorists" ?
Are any of them still subscribed ?

I'd like to ask them a technical Q.


I would encourage Adam or anyone else to post the question to the l'st.

There are a small number of marxist economist who are working on what
I understand to be a non-mechanical re-reading of Marx's theory
of value. Some of that work necessarily cannot taken place on a l'st like
this, though interesting articles are posted in our archives.

However in the spirit of linking theory with practice, and trying to make
sure their debates are not isolated academic ones, I think it is highly
relevant if a political animal like Adam has a question that on the
surface is purely technical. It may also have political, philosophical
and methodological implications, not entirely divorced from the
balance of class forces in the world.

Can I tempt you to share your query Adam. - or anybody else?


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