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Wed Feb 28 06:11:38 MST 1996

Louis: To everybody one and all. Some time ago Tom Condit posted some
very sensible remarks on making your posts readable. One of the
suggestions he made was shortening the length of each line so that they
don't wrap to the next line, otherwise they become unreadable. Now Brad
Mayer is somebody I find very thought-provoking even when I disagree with
him, but when I got his latest thoughts on crisis on the list, this is
the way it looked:
The perspective presented above moves in less than a clear fashion between
different levels of
analysis.  We have been in an epoch of wars and revolutions since 1914.
The proof of this lies in
the history books. This is a very general level of analysis, not to be
confused with the comings
and goings of generalized structural crises or disequilibrium of capitalism
(a lesser, but still  [etc., etc.]

Louis: Comrades, this shit simply has to stop if you want to communicate
with others. We are not talking about rocket-science here. Run a test or
two to see if you can get it right, but give us a break. I would be happy
to work with anybody off-list to figure out what you are doing wrong, by
the way.

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