White Skin Privilege Meets The Militias

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Wed Feb 28 09:24:57 MST 1996

Leo Casey:
>One of these uncanny things is how the logic of 'white skin privilege'
>thinking plays itself out. Since all white people who do not embrace the
>race traitor' position of Ignatiev and his rather small band of like
>thinking folks are, in effect, white supremacists, it follows that the
>militia are nothing very different than the rest of white America, and
>nothing to be particularly feared.

Again, even SPLC doesn't link the majority of the militia movement with white

> Hence, we should admire their willingness
>to fight the federal government (what is a small thing like blowing up a
>federal building with hundreds of people, including pre-school children, in
>this equasion?), and join with them in para-military groups to fight the
>federal government.

Tim McVeigh was rejected by two militias, but did belong to the U.S.Army. Do
we see martyrdom of McVeigh in the miltia movement as the white supremecists
have done with Gordon Kahl of Posse Comitatus? No, he and the act of the
bombing are despised. And again, the militia movement purpose is to defend
itself from the government, not assault it. What attacks have the militias
made on anyone? In fact, two militia members have been killed by police in
the past months.

> Classic fascist, racist and anti-semitic references to
>international banking conspiracies and a world government imposed by the
>United Nations which are expounded by the militias are embraced by Ignatiev
>and his magazine in this editorial. Organizations on the front line of the
>battle against the Klan, neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups such as the
>Southern Poverty Law Center and the Oregon "Communities Against Hate" are
>denounced for their work.

True that U.N. and banking conspiracy theories are part of the militia
movement, especially amongst the "populist" elements. I'll go into this in
more detail in my milita report for the cyberseminar, but generally the
militia populists get most or all of their information completely outside of
the mainstream, since they don't trust it. Conspiracy theories thrive,
although less than they used to, in some of these information networks.

>So the sorry, pitiful end of 'white skin privilege'
>thinking lies in calls for unity with the most racist, most reactionary
>elements in America, and stands in opposition to those who -- at some risk
>their own safety -- have made anti-racist and anti-fascist work their life's

Believe it or not, some in the milita movement have taken risks to oppose
racism and facism as well. I'll forward this to one militia member who has
been death-listed by white supremecist groups and get his response.

> But now, with an ideological myopia that could only issue forth
>from 'white skin privilege' thinking, we are to embrace these assaults of
>federal government, and be on guard for the 'black helicopters' coming to

Good grief. If you want a sense of the militia movement, look at the Web page
of The Constitution Society. This group is headed by Jon Roland, who founded
it as one of the first militias early in 1994. The URL is

My interest in the militias for this list is not to be to get people to join
militias or to empathize with their worldview. After six months of reading
their newsgroups and talking to them through email, on the phone and in
person, I don't pretend to fully understand the movement myself. I am
primarily interested in the factors that led to their emergence and
phenomenal growth.

I have no idea why those who support Shining Path would support the militas.
They will have to speak for themselves.

Sally Ryan

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