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At 11:35 AM 2/28/96, rakesh bhandari wrote:

>I think that this is what Ralph was referring to as a capitulation to
>anti-semitism.  I still think that the long passage I reproduced months ago
>from Franz Neumann is relevant. Remember his dictum: "Whenever the outcry
>against the sovereignty of banking capital is injected into a popular
>movement, it is the surest sign that fascism is on the way." p. 322 of
>Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National Socialism.

Perhaps this is a bit overstated, but I was working on my own rule of thumb
recently, that alarm bells should go off whenever someone criticizes
finance and internationalization as the culprits, but doesn't extend this
indictment to include capitalism itself, which, after all, is organized
around money and the dissolution of all pre-existing social boundaries.
Such a limited indictment isn't pathognomonic of fascism, though; it also
marks other pathologies like petit bourgeois populism, which may have
elements in common with fascism, but which is still distinct from the real



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