bayonets? muskets? the red cavalry?

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Wed Feb 28 15:52:59 MST 1996

>bayonets? muskets? the red cavalry?
>Those days are long gone.  Radio transmission, aerial bombardment, floating
>air bases that can't be attacked by land, guided missiles, nuclear arsenals -
>to name a few examples - have changed the nature of warfare.
>Quotations from Marx and Lenin, though, do help to confuse the issues.
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Another funny Marxist:  Technological advance in warfare renders Marxism
obsolete - that's all this baloney means!.  Technology, not "men (the
masses) make history".  Why people who "think" like this - philistines -
would want to call themselves "marxists"?. Beats me!  All their purpose in
life is to deny the BASIC tenets - the very philosophy - upon which Marxism
is grounded.  If they were honest with themselves, they would acknowledege
this fact and come out with a name of their own for their political thinking
- Marxism, certainly it is not!.  What about "negation of Marxism"?  Or, for
short and in tune with their techno-vertical post-modernist approach:
"N-Marx-ism".  Or, being techno-militaristic and "grouchian": Why not

So quickly they forgot how US techno-military power got deriven of Vietnam.
Got worsted in Somalia, could not finish off Saddam, is trapping itself in
Yugoslavia, and has finally given-up on fighting wars, except as punishment
from the air.  Fat lot of good that did them in Vietnam!

A. Olaechea

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