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WE is a grand dystopian novel, from 1920s Russia.  Zamiatin posits an
abstract, far future world where all citizens are known by alphanumerical
codes (O-90, etc.) (yep, Ayn Rand rips off yet another dead genius) and
are ruled by The Supreme State.  It's supposed to be utopia, but, well,
you know how these things go: nearly every hour is supervised in full
Foucauldian splendor, nearly every act prescribed and controlled...
The State discovers a surgical operation that will remove imagination; a
resistance builds against it.  Read read reead it.
	Yeah, Orwell was, um, inspired by it.

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On Wed, 28 Feb 1996, Adam Rose wrote:

> > i have a few interpretations of marxism i have been developing to some
> > extent recently.  is this a proper forum for testing these interpretations?
> >
> > has anyone read the work _We_ by Yevgeny Zamyatin?  what do marxists
> > think of this work?
> >
> Never heard of him. Perhaps a summary posted to the list will help.
> Tell us what YOU think.
> >
> > oh...  please, one last (i think) question:  is cuba a marxist (i.e.
> > dictatiorship of the proletariat) state?  was the u.s.s.r. under lenin?
> >
> No. Castro came to power as a result of a nationalist, anti Imperialist
> revolution, but not a socialist one. The "dictatiorship of the proletariat"
> is a form of words which means "workers state". There is no workers state
> in Cuba.
> Nevertheless, when it is attacked by US Imperialism, as at present, it should
> be defended as any small country should be defended against Imperialism.
> The USSR under Lenin was a workers state ie a dictatiorship of the proletariat.
> However, the working class itself was basically destroyed by the civil war,
> and the German revolution was defeated.
> So the revolution and the revolutionary state degenerated. By 1928, the
> USSR was no longer socialist in any sense but State Capitalist, like Cuba
> is today.
> Of course, all this is completely controversial and I doubt if anyone else
> will agree with me about any of it.
> Adam.
> Adam Rose
> Manchester
> UK
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