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On Wed, 28 Feb 1996, Miguel Llinas Jr <mxlst5+ at PITT.EDU> wrote:
>i am in a quest for a REAL marxist party [snip] I understand the ---
is the  closest to  >the truth...)  second:  can anyone provide me
with any  information on the [parties] and their goals, distortions
of marxism in the name of marx,  etc.?
>i have a few interpretations of marxism i have been developing  to
some  >extent recently.  is this a proper forum for testing these

Ah, Miguel, do you know what you ask?

There are nearly as many definitions of 'REAL' marxism here as there
are members.  Contrary to recent appearances, THIS IS NOT THE

Please, please, please to any one who wants to explain something to
Miguel or anybody else who asks, about their own 'true' party and all
the faults of all the others, please do it OFF-LIST.  Also, Miguel,
you should check out the archives, because this topic has been done
to death here already, and some of us are very close to cracking
under the strain.

This list is for discussion of marxism as construed much, much more
widely than this, in all its connections with other ideas and
authors.  There are plenty of other combat zones on the internet for


No more Prepared Party Position Pamphlets!
No more requoting of entire lengthy posts! [smaller bits should be
enough for context]
No more pages and pages of cross-posts! [summarize it or announce it
and let others ask privately for the full text]

This list was invented to be an alternative to those kinds of things
that are already available!

To try out new ideas is great, that is part of the purpose of the
list, but it cannot be done in a war zone.

So everybody's got an opinion, but how many times does it have to be
repeated? by each person?  each day?

Now, if anybody thinks they are tired of hearing about list-matters,
of talking about talking, well, believe me I'm sick of it too.  But I
have come to feel that the list is being largely destroyed, and if we
can't find some way to reduce the dreck, I may do something drastic.

If it does not offer something different from the same old sect wars,
if the conversation does not extend beyond Party Positions on
everything, then there is no need for this list to exist.

Below, I have attached some excerpts from the draft of the soon to be
updated info sheet for this list.  It's not much different from the
old-current one.

Perhaps we should consider sending out the whole file as private mail
in response to each violation of policy.

We shall never go to the censoring of the content of the post, but it
is the abuse of non-censored forums like this one that give anarchy a
bad name! and make some people start wishing for 'structures' and
'social order'!

This is the marxism list info sheet.
1  Non-censorship Policy and General Info
2  Technical Info and Contact People
3  Purpose of the Marxism List
4  Etiquette
5  Archives and Other Electronic Resources
1  -Non-censorship Policy and General Info-

MARXISM is brought to you by the Spoon Collective, a group of Net
citizens devoted to free and open discussion of philosophical issues
on the Internet.  Based on the Collective's philosophy,


All posts are distributed to the list without the contents being
reviewed or approved by anyone, there is no editor.  This does not
mean that anyone should try to be rude and disruptive!

The 'no censorship' policy is intended to allow creative constructive
thought, by preventing anyone having the power to control the content
of the discussion.  Abuse of this policy distracts from real
discussion, and generally makes _the abuser_ look  totally
unconvincing, boorish, or worse.  Please don't do it.

At the same time, if certain posts trouble you and you cannot ignore
them or delete them without even reading them, please do not demand
censorship of anyone else.  The only 'social control' methods
available within this list are to post something responsive and
_more_ reasonable, to refuse to even reply to offending posts, or to
unsub oneself.

The self-regulatory mechanisms of the list include social/peer
pressure, desire to communicate one's ideas and care for one's
reputation.  The membership of the list is totally self-selected
by individual decisions to sub or unsub.  [more under Etiquette,

Regarding the Digest:
This is a very HIGH VOLUME list.  You may not be able to keep up with
40-90 separate posts per day, and it is highly recommended that you
subscribe to the digest form of marxism list.  Whether in digest form
or straight, you may regard the list as a newspaper, and read
only the columns/threads that interest you.

At the top of each digest (about 40K in length) there is a table of
contents, with the subject line and author of each post.  This
assists one in reading selectively.  Because of the high volume, the
digest does not take long to fill up and be automatically sent out.
Subscribers generally get about four digests per day, so the 'delay'
in receiving messages is only a few hours.

2  -Technical Info and Contact People-

To sub, unsub or otherwise command Majordomo [the software] to do
something for you, you must address your command to

majordomo at

The body of the message must contain only the command, subject line
is irrelevant.
Basic commands that you will need:

subscribe marxism-digest
unsubscribe marxism-digest
subscribe marxism
unsubscribe marxism

[Notice that marxism and m-digest are treated like separate lists,
but only for purposes of un/subbing.  It is possible to be subbed to
_both_ lists.]

To get a current copy of this info sheet, or that of any other Spoons

info marxism
info marxism-digest
info listname

To get a list of Spoons lists:


[Other spoon lists include: third-world-women, deleuze-guattari,
avant-garde, frankfurt-school, film-theory, fiction-of-philosophy,
bhaskar, cybermind, french-feminism, nietzsche and more]

If you have questions that are not part of the onlist discussion
itself, address one of the following:

Designated voluntary co-moderator / facilitators [not editors /
Bryan Alexander bnalexan at
Chris Burford   cburford at
Tom Condit      tomcondit at
Gary MacLennan  g.maclennan at

Spoons-marxism [admin] liaison:
Lisa Rogers     eqwq.lrogers at
3  -Purpose of the Marxism List-

The MARXISM list is a place to explore the field of textual and
political production generated by the work of Karl Marx (and
Friedrich Engels) and more generally, the tradition/s that work has
inspired since, and its relations with other liberatory /
philosophical thought. [snip]
4 -Etiquette-

Moderation / facilitation is not the sole responsibility of volunteer
comods, we all create the tone of debate, and are responsible for our
own posts and our reactions to each other.
Comods / Spoons do not approve or censor posts [see Non-censorship
Policy, above].  _All_ subscribers have the power of the pen, and the
regard that others may have for one's opinion, based on one's
behavior onlist.
Each list member makes the list an enjoyable and useful place for
conversation by posting appropriately.  Please avoid sending many
one-liners, many posts every day, lengthy cross-postings, and lengthy
quotes left in replies, especially if you are replying to the digest!

If a post is very long, it is less likely to be read, although
paragraph returns and sub-headings do help.

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