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Wed Feb 28 19:49:34 MST 1996

>Ralph have you read Stepelevich Young Hegelians?

Do you mean his anthology of translations from the early 1980s?
No. I want to get it.  Is it in print, and how much?

>i liked very much his little book on Hegel's Preface (postface)
>to the Phenomenology

I snapped up some copies of this booklet @ $1.98 apiece from the
remainder tables.  I gave away all my extra copies as Christmas
presents, so I gave none left to part with, and I've not seen any

>but in that he claims to be a "Stirner Hegelian"

I didn't read that, but this statement is consistent with his
world-weary cynicism.  You should see the rubbish he writes about
Marx.  I can't stand Hegelians.  I was almost expelled from the
Hegel list a week ago for dissing Paul Menses, a Right Hegelian
Tom for American imperialism.

>Feuerbach never asks why Christianity of all religions is the
>religion in existence during the particular time and place it
>exists.  This is a dialectical or transcendental question of
>what are the conditions necessary for the existence of

This is out of my league, but doesn't Bruno Bauer address this
question, even if idealistically?  There is a brilliant excerpt
from Bauer in McLellan's book about Christianity and
self-consciousness which at least gives the logic by which this
bizarre religion is to be understood.

Engels did write a laudatory obituary of Bauer highlighting his
contribution to understanding the history of Christianity, which
is available online and can be downloaded.

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