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Wed Feb 28 20:04:03 MST 1996


   Adam Rose asked: "if he becomes president, will the
SWP (US) go underground?"

   I said that the US is not ripe for fascism, but that
Buchanan is a fascist. So if Buchanan is elected president
that will signify that he has decided to postpone his
fascist project for the nonce and play the role of chief
executive within a bourgeois-democratic republic.

   Bryan Alexander said that "Buchanan is a fascist type
of politician who is not acting *now* in fascist times."

   So we agree. But Bryan says he doesn't now have Brown
Shirt type gangs. Again, we agree. But he does have the
"Buchanan's Brigades," a group of loyal followers. Some
of them seem to be pretty feisty.

   Then Bryan asks: "can you show us links between
Buchanan and them [the militias}?"

   Buchanan has contacts and supporters among the ultra-
right violence-promoting fascistic milieu. Some of these
have been reported in the NY Times. He has links to
David Duke of the KKK, and people in the National Assoc.
for the Advancement of White People. I've heard of other
associations, but don't remember them now. Buchanan also
attended an ultraright conference in Wash. D.C. about
three years ago where people were talking about the need
to use violence to overthrow the US government. Others
may remember other bits of information along these lines.

   When I claimed that "more and more workers are thinking
about political solutions," Bryan wanted to know "where?
which industries? etc."

   This is a generalization based partly on my own
observations, and partly on articles from the Militant
(US), which devotes a lot of coverage to what workers
are saying on the picket line and in the workplaces.

   Finally, Bryan, responding to my statement about the
emergence of of fascist politics in the Republican
primaries, said, "emergence, maybe. Nascent. Potential.
Embryonic. These are good words, not organization or

   This is good. I see no need to quibble here. My
disagreement is with those who deny Buchanan is a
fascist, or even a protofascist, and instead say that
he is a right-winger or conservative.


   Louis said: "well, Jim, I find you totally patronizing,
cold and aloof. You will fit in completely into the SWP."

   I'll try to be more charming and modest. Let's just
chat for a while and see how it goes. I think it could
be a plus to have an SWP supporter on this list. People
who have bad feelings about the SWP might still find it
worthwhile to hear what this group has to say, since
the SWP is still a unique voice within the working class.

Jim Miller

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