Kagarlitsky on De-revising Marx; NYC 3-2

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The Brecht Forum

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A Plea for "De-revising" Marx

a seminar with Boris Kagarlitsky

Saturday, March 2 from 1 to 5 pm

Kagarlitsky argues that our reality has changed since the
1970s when revision was creative. Now, de-revision is needed.
Society increasingly resembles that which Marx described. Now
the various revisionisms, not Marx, look archaic. This seminar
will analyze the difference between creative work based on
Marxism and self-proclaimed revisions masking empty retreats.

Kagarlitsky was a founder of the Russian Party of Labor and
served on the Moscow City Council. He currently heads a
project on the labor movement at the Russian Academy of
Science. His numerous books include _Farewell Perestroika_,
_The Labyrinth of Modernization_, and _The Dialectic of

Tuition is $15.


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