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Thu Feb 29 13:01:51 MST 1996

>I saw this morning that Jorn Anderson of the IS current is defending
>Trotskyism from PCP supporter Adolfo Olaechea.
>I propose that we put a moratorium on this sort of thing. You are not
>going to persuade Adolfo and he will not persuade you. It is just a waste
>of band-width. Lisa Rogers has complained about this sort of thing
>publicly and I receive private complaints all the time from people about
>the amount of party promotion that goes on in this list.
>My suggestion to party members is to try to contribute information and
>ideas to this list that are about the current world and more specifically
>about the country you are living in. I have always been intrigued about the
>history of social democracy in Scandinavia. (You are from Norway, aren't
>How did Sweden, and to a lesser degree I imagine, seem to resolve
>class contradictions in a more adroit manner than other European
>countries? To what extent are the Scandinavian countries implicated in
>imperialist oppression and war? Etc., etc. This is the sort of thing people
>are hungry for, not a defense of Trotskyism in the abstract. This has been
>done to death.
>If you manage to put together some really illuminating posts on this
>topic or some other topics of your choosing and simply sign off with the
>tag "Jorn for the IS", then people might start looking you up and asking
>further questions. This by the way is how Adam participates in the list.
>It is also how CPUSA member Scott Marshall participates. They are subtle
>and don't hit you over the head constantly with obvious recruitment pitches.
>Now, Adolfo Olaechea is another story altogether. He is a leading member
>of the PCP support network in England. I have a pamphlet he wrote on
>fascism that is a speech originally given to the Stalin Society in
>England. I wouldn't dream of getting him to modify the way he addresses
>this list, but I would say that I am getting a much clearer picture of
>the mindset of the PCP leadership by reading his stuff.
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Dear Mr. Project:

I think not!.  Besides the question of convincing others - which is always
one aspect of any polemic - there is the question of Defense of Marxism.

That, in my opinion is the main duty of revolutionaries, of Marxists.
Chairman Mao once pointed out that "Marxism is an ISM, it is in fact a

I don't want to go into Marx and Engels and their barbed polemics against
Duhring and others who attempted to hijack the socialist ideology to serve
the interests of the ideologically bankrupt bourgeoisie of their day.  Nor
into Lenin's brilliant sarcasm and irony aimed directly to those who wanted
to continue peddling anti-proletarian ideology bourgeois ideology "within
the grounds of Marxism".

Marxism is not a toy rattle to impress the gallery with knowledge and
professorial airs.  Marxism is the scientific ideology of the proletariat.
It is the theory and practice of the proletarian revolution, of the
revolution of the oppressed.  The question of the Defense of Marxism is not
an idle question since upon its success of failure the destiny of the class

I have heard another person in the list affirming that with my sharp
criticisms I am bound to drive away people from "my cause". Good heavens!.

That is funny!.  I do not consider "my cause" to be other than the cause of
the liberation of the oppressed, and as far as my own personal role, the
elucidation and advancement of the crucial issues facing the class and the
revolution in our world today.

It is only to those who sincerely want to make the proletarian revolution
that I address my ideological contributions - not with the purpose of
advertising a Party or a sect, but in order to combat together in Defense of
the common ideology and the class interests of the proletariat.

We want indeed to unite all those who should be united, those who belong
together because they share the same passion for renewal and the same
unbending spirit in serving the people.  Also, we want to unmask and expose
those who use the label of Marxism to oppose the cause of the proletariat,
to combat and slander the revolution.

WE HAVE NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in "converting" or "recruiting" anybody in
this list to join any group or Party.  That is not the Marxist method of
"party building".  That is the filistine method of building a "vanguard
party" by filling in coupons on the back of glossy "red" publications.

Our interest is not to be considered "nice" and "friendly" - which some of
us may be, and some maybe not so much.  For us this is not a beauty contest.
As Marxists we are here to fight for the truth - the class truth, the
Marxist truth.  And in that, like Marx, like Engels, like Lenin, like
Stalin, like Chairman Mao and Chairman Gonzalo, we are uncompromising.  We
want to convince those with a revolutionary spirit to see the facts of the
revolution in Peru so that they may be able to discharge their
INTERNATIONALIST duty.  We do not to convince anyone to "like us" or
"admire" us.  Only the most conceited pedants can imagine that the task of
Marxists is to be "nice little boy scouts" and win as many brownie points as
possible from the Aunt Alices in this list!.

We must be very clear that we as intellectuals are NOT the basic masses,
those who have nothing to lose but their chains.  If we were to antagonise
all the ridiculous scholars and sectarian devotees of the enemies of
revolution who enter this list with the aim of dissembling and "unpicking"
the powerful ideological weapon of the class (Marxism), that would still be
a price worth paying, besides being a basic duty that the masses in THEIR
MILLIONS who have no access to a forum like this would never forgive us

Moreover, is only by antagonising the dross of revisionism, that the really
valuable people can learn something.  Why fear ideological confrontation?
We do not use the language of the gutter. Have never done so, well never do.
It is not Marxist!. We use harsh, sharp, perfectly Marxist expressions in
the very tradition of our Classics to brand those who deserve a branding.
What is wrong with that?  That is Marxist!  That is Leninist!

Who thinks otherwise is only playing "housey-housey" with Marxism, and
unfortunaly for them Marxism is not a doll house.  It is an ideology of
combat, sacrifice and acute ideological confrontation.


A. Olaechea

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