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Thu Feb 29 16:26:01 MST 1996

>In a message dated 96-02-26 Jerry  writes:

>>      I'm sorry, but this hateful crap is uncalled for!  If you
>>can't defend your political positions, and must resort to
>> name-calling and cussing, you're the one who should just
>> shut up!
>> [Concerning Louis P] Sorry, but "fake leftist" is a correct
>>name for that  kind of mentality.
>> <snip> ... but shit like the above just proves the point
>> Quispe is making about there being a "huge toxic waste
>>landfill" to clean up on the "left".

>Gina, Gina, Gina ...
>you protest against name calling, but you call Louis P.
> a "fake leftist."
>You rise to Luis Q's defense, but don't say anything about his
>insinuations regarding Carlos being an imperialist provocateur
>and imposter.
>There is a name for people like you: h------t.

It's very interesting how Jerry edits my comments.  My
point was that Proyect, by joking about exploiting servants
in his personal life, was exposing HIMSELF as a "fake
leftist" quite apart from Quispe's or anyone else's opinion.
Marxism is about class struggle; it's about the proletariat
overthrowing the bourgeoisie and establishing its own
dictatorship over the old exploiters.

When someone calls himself a Marxist, then identifies
with the exploiters--even jokingly--he exposes himself
as a fake. If he's also DOING something in the real
world to support the struggles of the oppressed, then
perhaps we can overlook a wrong-headed joke, but Mr.
Proyect hasn't really told us about what struggles of the
oppressed he supports (CoC, at least in Detroit, doesn't
even meet, let alone actually do anything.)

As for the "Carlos" controversy, I missed most of that,
so I don't feel qualified to comment on it directly.  But I
will say that if the comments of Quispe or others whose
contributions are overwhelmingly informative and
reasoned (whether I agree with them or not) sometimes
cross the line into cussing and name-calling, that's life--
we all produce a little garbage in the course of living and
working.  It's the ones whose whole political line seems
to consist of hurling garbage at those they disagree with
that I'm telling to shut up.

Chairman Mao teaches us that POLITICAL LINE is key.
My main point in objecting to these name-calling
posts is that the authors are avoiding the issue of
presenting their own political line; they're avoiding laying
out how they see Marxism as a tool to really change the
world, for the better, for the PROLETARIAN CLASS.

The posts from The New Flag describe in some depth how
the people of Peru are changing their own reality and the
rest of the world as well, providing both an example and an
inspiration for those of us who know that it's the servants
of the world, the proletariat, not those they wait on, who
are the future of the world.  Scott Marshall's posts let us
know about workers' struggles and other issue; Karmabuena
tells us about the US attacks against Cuba and the effort
of progressive people to counter these attacks.(These are
just the ones that come immediately to mind; I'm not
suggesting they're the only ones)

These posts and those that support and respond to
them--and numerous others that I haven't mentioned--
make a contribution to a Marxist understanding of
how to change the world to ultimately free all of humanity
from the chains of exploitation and oppression.

It would be quite enlightening if our venerable name-callers
and cussers would let us know something about how they
are contributing to class struggle in the real world, instead
of just adding to that "huge toxic waste dump" that seems
to be piling up in a corner of this list.

And, I still wish they'd tell us straight up what DBOPS
and h---t (or however many dashes) means.


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