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several things and then

> I think that the USSR is an example of a true
>proletariat revolution handed to the wrong person (Stalin). When Lenin died
>the death of the revolution was not far behind.

Mauro jr:
Nice a revolution handed to a wrong person. Don't you think Mike that,
maybe, Marx and the communists saw (and are seeing) the revolutions as
somethin bigger than a person and are not simply handed to some person?
The wrong person (Stalin) was the representative of a material change in the
russian situation. Actually he was the representative of the counter
revolution. Trotzkists in this list can show you that Stalin's party was
completely different from the Lenin's one having shot murdered the entire
"old guard" (except Stalin, of course). Trotzkists never agreed on the fact
that those events have been the physical aspect of something much more
important happening in the structure of the russian society. But anyway they
must agree (if they mantain some, even week, relationship with marxism) that
those events require an explanation a bit more materialistic than "a
revolution handed to the wrong person". Don't you, comrades?
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