Curse words

Siddharth Chatterjee siddhart at
Thu Feb 29 18:48:54 MST 1996

Dear Mr. Dumain,

On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> Your cause, comrade asshole, is masturbating in a closet by yourself.
> Nobody here is interested in your harangues, so please cease and desist.

In a previous message, you suggested "extermination" of some people. In the
one above, you again excel yourself. Do you see any contradiction between
this and your reading of all the esoterics works that you often publicize
on this list? How can you talk about Feuerbach, Bauer, Althusser, "Nature,
Society and Thought" with one breath and then then with the other,
dehumanize with fascist-type slogans. The ferocity of the bourgeois
intellectual, when cornered, apparently is boundless. I request you
to please not engage in this type of slander, for it is this which causes
people to lose interest and leave the list.

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