Top-down bureaucratism (big prizes to be won)

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Thu Feb 29 20:30:53 MST 1996

On Wed, 28 Feb 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> The Party has ordered me to lighten up. So here's a quiz for all of you
> doctrine diggers (especially Louis P).
> What nit-picking sectarian bureaucrat penned the following, when and where?

> ... the entire position of the opportunists in organizational questions
> already began to be revealed in the controversy over Paragraph 1: their
> advocacy of a diffuse, not strongly welded, Party organization; their
> hostility to the idea (the 'bureaucratic' idea) of building the Party from
> the top downwards, starting from the Party Congress and the bodies set up
> by it; their tendency to proceed from the bottom upwards, allowing every
> professor, every high-school student and 'every striker' to declare
> himself a member of the Party; their hostility to the 'formalism' which
> demands that a Party member should belong to one of the organizations
> recognized by the Party; their leaning towards the mentality of the
> bourgeois intellectual, who is only prepared to 'accept organizational
> relations platonically'; their penchant for opportunist profundity and for
> anarchistic phrases; their tendency towards autonomism as against
> centralism - in a word, all that is blossoming so luxuriantly in the new
> Prizes: First ten incorrect answers get a free week at the Party school of
> their choice. First ten correct answers get a free day's bungy jumping at
> the North Cape or free tickets to the next Leningrad Cowboys/Red Army
> Ensemble Experience in Helsinki.
> Cheers,
> Hugh

Oh gosh, I would say it would have to be Vladimir Illyich. But this ain't
1903 comrade, nor is it Czarist Russia. Lenin in "Left-Wing Communism" was
much more applicable to our concrete circumstances than "What is to Be
Done?" Theoretical clarity is one thing, dogmatic nit-picking is another.
Only a proper understanding of both the dialectical method, and of the
concrete conditions in which we find ourselves will help us.

In other words, you don't use high altitude recipes for baking at sea

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