Marx and the real left.

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You(Mauro) wrote:

). Trotzkists never agreed on the fact
>that those events have been the physical aspect of something much more
>important happening in the structure of the russian society.

    Trotkyist, and I assume here most of the tendencies calling
    themselves that, *always* agreed that Stalinism reflected
    in the super-structure what was going on in the struture of
    society.  Namely, the killing of couple millions of the
    best bolsheviks during the so-called civil war; the dispersion
    and reduction of the working class; the defeat of the German,
    Hungarian and Czchek proletariats, etc (Trotsky himself wrote
    at lenght about the issue.


 But anyway they
>must agree (if they mantain some, even week, relationship with
marxism) that
>those events require an explanation a bit more materialistic than "a
>revolution handed to the wrong person". Don't you, comrades?



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