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Thu Feb 1 00:33:45 MST 1996

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996 glevy at wrote:

> b) See Ralph's honest response.
> c) See Gary's response (i.e. flame) to b).
> If that is what some people call "moderation", then I guess Stalin was a 
> moderator.
> Jerry
Jerry-me flame Ralph??!!!  Please let me act as the reality principle for 
you for just a little while.  To call what I said a "flame" is ridiculous.  
And to hint that in some way I am like Stalin is again "laughable".

Jerry, I repeat drop it.  this screaming match you are working yourself 
into will be bad for you and no one else.  Now that is not in any way a 
threat.  You can go beserk on the list and I for one will not be drawn 
into it and neither I suspect will any other moderators.

You will damage yourself.  that is the sad truth.  Now if you have a grip 
on reality please give over this crusade against Louis and carry on with 
your work and posting.

genuinely sincerely meant


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