Mr. Godenas, Defender of Murderer Reformists

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Thu Feb 1 01:15:43 MST 1996

    Mr Godenas:

    Aside for re-publishing Senderista trash and to dennounce every 
    leftists who opposse to the criminal record of your criminal
    friends in Peru, you offer nothing of political value.

    The truth is, Sendero is a reformist outfit composed by middle
    class reformists (ultr-leftism is only th other side of reformism)
    that killed other leftists who dare to compite with them  in
    reform programs.  Mother courage was assasinated by Sendero, 
    without a trial, without a shred of proof just for running the
    "Vaso de Leche" (glass of milk program).  Hundreds of other         
    leftists were assasinated by Sendero, your friends and co-thinkers
    Mr. Godena, because they interfere with the reformists programs
    of Sendero.  True, Sendero run the same kind of program when they
    can (little by now). The only proof they ever presented was their
    word.  "They are collaborators", they are "agents of the death
    squads".  Stalin used to use the same kind of accussations to
    justify his crimes ("Agents of Germany". "Nazis" "Saboteurs",etc)

    You are not only an stalinist, you are very boring, too.  You just
    repeat the same old garbage.

    They, your friends Mr. Godena, when they failed to win the support
    of the working class to organize an strike they use their guns to
    try to force workers to stop working.  They, and you, call this
    "Armed Strikes".  I call them cheap tuggery.

    This is not revolution Mr.
    Godenas and have no more value for the liberation of the working
    class than the bureacracy inspired strikes to pressure the          

    The truth is, Sendero is pushing for a reformist program of a       
    "Democratic Popular Revolution" of the Maoist genre.  The only
    thing they could not find any bourgeois force to make the
    class alliance that is in their program.  They resort to violence,
    "armed blackmail" and shots from the back to try to make a deal
    by force.  They are not different, Mr. Godenas, than the reformists
    they criticize.  Byt the way, they like to use the words            
    "revisionists" more than "reformists".  Wonder why?

    Now, when somebody criticize them you resort to plain staments:
    "provocateur", "agent of Exxon"; "pro-imperialist" and so on.
    To no avail.  We heard that before.  You are not original.  
    Stalin did it. The former Soviet Union leadership did it. Ceasescu
    did it.  At the end *they* were the agents of capitalist            
    restoration, no us Mr. Godenas.  Your friends.

    Your friends, Mr. Godenas, are a little piece of reformist shit.
    Your are their agent.  You are being told that.  You don't like it.
    Too bad. No amount of lying from you.  No amount of posting will
    get you off the hook. You are acting as an accomplice of murderers
    and reformists in Peru.  Criminals of the worst kind.

    Your friend Scott is covering up for you.  Not because he agrees
    with you, not really because he loves to be embarrassed by your
    support of the murderers of his comrades in Peru.  No, his          
    reasoning is, at the last annalysis that he cannot side with
    revolutioanries criticizing you because, after all, at the
    ultimate end of the political spectrum, the CPUSA and Sendero
    have something that unites them: STALINISM.

    You may kick and scream, Mr. Godenas, but very few think that you
    and your friends deserve any political solidarity.  The Marxist
    movement maybe smaller now, but less Stalinists than before.  We
    all remember very well your kind.  The same kind that drove us
    where we are now.  That won't happen again if we can stop it.

    By the way.  You said that I never said which organization I        
    belong. Wrong again, Mr Godenas.  Lying again, Mr. Godenas. I
    said it several times.  I'm a supporter of "Left Opposition"
    Magazine.  I published three offers for free subcriptions to
    my magazine in this list.

    I completely and permanently opposse the political program of
    Jackson, Sanders and others you compare with the leftists victims
    of Sendero in Peru.  But if, at any time, somebody like the         
    Senderistas carried our your 
    implied threats, you'll find me and many others in the extreme
    left at the side of those they want to murder to defend their       

     Terrorism of the
    kind of Sendero is *against* the working class. Assasination
    is the method of the oppressors, the death squads, the              
    dictatorships, the agents of imperialism and the bourgeoisie,
    not of working class revolutionaries.

    Not comradely with you,

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