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Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Thu Feb 1 03:49:25 MST 1996

I've never posted regularly on this l*st, but I read a lot of the stuff
(does anyone read all of it?).

Jerry, from what I've seen, both you and Louis usually make very sensible,
sometimes thought-provoking, points, but occasionally go off the deep end.
Louis's attacks are often (not always) counterproductive, but your frequent
posts slanging him just take up unnecessary space. Personally, I thought he
was much more reasonable before this whole mess began. He also IMO has been
the chief contributor to the l*st in the past several months. You, on the
other hand, play an extremely valuable role (when you're not obsessing on
netiquette) in constantly questioning and challenging any tendency to
apologize for totalitarianism.

I've found this cyber-war between the two of you tedious, but found nothing
I just _had_ to comment on until now.


Isn't this an example of what you always claim Louis is trying to do?


>Louis will *not* lead any more cyber-seminars. If there is an attempt by
>the co-moderators to *impose* the Cuba cyberseminar on us with Louis
>then I will *fillibuster* this l**t. That is a promise!
>Gary, Bryan, and Louis represent a *tiny* minority on this l**t. The
>co-mods are acting irresponsibly and there needs to be a change.

Yes, they do. Why exactly do you think you're speaking for the majority?
Most people who are on this list post infrequently. What have any of us
done to give you the impression that we "side" with you?

For the record, I think a cyber-seminar on Cuba would be a damn good idea,
and I see no reason why it must disrupt the rest of the list. I don't
necessarily agree with Lou about the topics and I agree it would be a good
idea to get someone else to "lead" the seminar (if someone else will), just
to counteract his hegemonic influence. With I believe as much right to
speak for the silent majority as you, I would like to say that I think your
threat to filibuster this l*st is much worse than anything Lou has done, in
fact worse than Ralph's vitriol (we all love you, Ralph).

A lesson from the history of communism, in fact of all revolution: if you
go too far in execrating your enemy, you often end up even worse. Try not
to make the cure worse than the diesease.

Rahul Mahajan

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