On "entrepreneur" (and MS)

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Thu Feb 1 10:43:35 MST 1996

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Justin Schwartz wrote:
> My use of "entrepreneur," correctly characterized below,  is not
> idiosyncratic. It's the technical use given the term by a major school of
> economics. I'm not playing Humpty Dumpty. I'm also not hiding the profit
> motive, which obviously plays centrel role in MS. My point is is just that
> opportunity creation, proffit-seeking, and property ownership are
> logically distinct. We can distribute these functioins among different
> institutions and people. Is that so hard to grasp? --jks

Louis: Justin, I am for "opportunity creation", I guess. I worked with 
state agencies in Nicaragua. They created more opportunities in three 
years, notwithstanding war, blockade, severe poverty, aftermath of 
earthquake, aftermath of civil war, than I ever saw in the bowels of 
major US corporations for the entire time I've been working for them.
The main reason Tecnica volunteers went to Nicaragua for long-term 
assignments is that it would free them to do the kind of risk-taking, 
creative, work that US corporations wouldn't allow them.

Your trouble is that your understanding of "planned economies" seems to 
dependent on Alec Nove's saturnine version of what took place in the 
USSR. A revolution took place. This is lost on people like Nove and Sam 
Farber. Revolutions unleash people's creative and "opportunity seeking" 
talents the way that capitalism never can.

I will have some extended comments to make on this in a few days....

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