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     One of the "facts" hurled at us by the Young Liberal was that:
"Fact: You advocate the overthrow of the current government." For
over twenty-five years we have repeatedly pointed out that the
material conditions for the overthrow of the capitalist system are
ripe but the subjective conditions are not prepared. We are
preparing those subjective conditions and once both the objective
and subjective conditions are ripe we will give a call for the
overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the capitalist system. There has
not been such a tactical call issued by CPC(M-L) to overthrow the
government in the manner the Young Liberal is talking about.
     The stated "fact" of advocating "state capitalism" is patently
ridiculous. How can a Communist Party advocate "state capitalism"
and remain communist? It is the Liberal Party, among others, who
are the greatest defenders of state monopoly capitalism. He blurts
out, "Fact: YOU LIE!" Again this is "speaking like a fascist" for
there is nothing substantive offered. This statement "YOU LIE" is
in the manner of someone who has lost their temper. He has not
given a single coherent example of where we have lied. On all these
so-called "facts" he is acting like a professional anti-communist
crusader spreading second-hand gossip and clumsy orchestrated
stories against socialism and communism that in "fact" are total
     The Young Liberal also goes into a rage when he does not know
where else to go. He states: "These are the ingredients of mass
slavery. The citizenry of Soviet Russia became mere servants of the
state. As you cannot find fault with this Soviet system, one can
imagine that the same thing would happen in a Communist Canada.
Quite simple, really; if you don't learn from your mistakes, you
repeat them. You would repeat the most mammoth mistake in human
history." This precisely applies to the Liberals. If they continue
to mystify everything, worship anarchy of production and serve the
financial oligarchy, another tragedy of Nazism and fascism will be
the fate of humankind. CPC(M-L) is extremely concerned about this
possibility. We analyze on an uninterrupted basis and draw the
pertinent conclusions but we are fairly certain that the Young
Liberal has not seen or read any of CPC(M-L)'s material dealing
with the kind of socialist and communist society it wants to
establish in Canada. The shame is on the likes of the Liberals who
have learned nothing from history and are so dogmatic that they
refuse to learn from those scientists who could teach them one or
two things even about their own system.
     The Young Liberal, swinging back on his pendulum, now pretends
to be humble and admits, "Here's the text [from TML Daily] that I
said I didn't agree with but said was arguable: 'Social programs
and a just society are created by material blessings and there is
no dearth of these in Canada. The assets of Canada, the assets of
our society are its people and natural resources, which are
plentiful in Canada. However, when the aim of developing these
resources for the benefit of the society are brutally subordinated
to the aims of the rich, the situation develops of a pathetic Jean
Chretien shedding tears and beating his breasts, and showing his
empty pockets in the style of a modern Liberal who is really not up
to dealing with the current realities and resorts to empty
     He quotes from our paper, concludes that it is arguable, but
does not do so. Instead of seriously discussing the above, which
would be extremely useful to everyone, he again begins to rave
against Lenin and communism, "Of course Lenin wasn't fascist in
words. His Utopian vision was shattered when they actually tried to
implement it. The great cliche is that 'communism looks good on
paper.' As I said before, Lenin promised 'Peace, Bread and Land.'
His coup resulted in the vicious Russian Civil War, famine was
continued as a way of life, and peasants had their land forcefully
confiscated. These were all broken promises." These are views from
the standpoint of anti-communism but what is the point the Young
Liberal wants to make? Is he suggesting that Lenin did not keep his
word while the Liberal Party does?
     The Young Liberal should know that for Lenin, Stalin and all
communists, socialism is not a policy objective but is actually a
condition that has to be constructed if human society is to move
forward. During the nineteen thirties when Canada was going through
the "dirty thirties" there was no crisis in the Soviet Union. There
was unprecedented industrial growth. Contrary to the Young
Liberal's assertion that "Stalin destroyed all the records," the
statistics of the phenomenal development of the Soviet Union are a
matter of international public record. Needless to say the Soviet
Union's growth was a source of great inspiration for the world's
people, and embarrassment and shame for the capitalist governments
of the day who, paralysed in the face of the depression, began
feverish inter-imperialist squabbles and war preparations. The
subsequent ignominious armed assault on the land of socialism by
the Nazi thugs was defeated and Stalin led the reconstruction of
socialism out of the ashes of the Second World War. There was a
public accounting of all the human and material losses caused by
the invasion of the Nazis, every death and injury, and every ruble
of destruction. Reconstruction began immediately, again not as a
policy objective but as something to be planed, organized and
completed. The material damage of the war was repaired during the
following five years, but sadly the Soviet Union had lost many of
the best and brightest of its youth, for most of the front line
communists were killed or seriously injured in the war and this
loss was a crippling blow. But the coup de grace to socialism came
from within the Communist Party. The real crisis began in the
Soviet Union when "good communists" such as Khrushchev and those
who followed him began to dismantle socialism.

Shawgi Tell
University at Buffalo
Graduate School of Education

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