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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Feb 1 09:56:37 MST 1996

You are not being fair, Lisa. When I said these things the other day I 
was uttering false ideas. My ideas have been corrected and I now stand by 
my new ideas.

Louis "Mad Dog" Proyect

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Louis N Proyect wrote:
> This has been very much on my mind lately. I am coming around to  the
> opinion that, despite Jon Beasley-Murray's noble intention to combine
> activism and theory in the same place, there are really two lists 
> functioning as one. 
> Lisa:  I'm not sure that is what Jon originally had in mind,
> actually, but I do partly agree with this view of the state of the
> list.
> LNP:  However, when somebody who is an activist or a trade-unionist
> first makes  their entrance on the list and sees nothing but
> [abstruse discussion of obscure specialist topics] this can be a
> little indimidating.  Trust me.
> Lisa:  I would say that any non-specialist would find it
> non-understandable, and that the non-interested would find it
> non-interesting.  Same goes for all the vehement flailing about the
> various versions of commie history, sect-splits, who's more truly
> marxist than thou, etc.  Some people find some of those kinds of
> topics to be 'intimidating', irrelevant, or something, I expect.
> The 'two classes in one room' analogy is not useful to me. 
> 'Cacophony' comes from many people talking at one time.  Posts are
> read one at a time, if at all.  Whatever happened to the newspaper
> analogy?  Or that magazine you read but skip some articles?  Or the
> coffee shop where people can listen over others' shoulders and move
> around between various tables/conversations?
> LNP: But let's stop kidding ourselves. We have two clashing political
> cultures  and the sooner we face this, the better off we'll be.
> Lisa:  What do you mean by 'political cultures'?  Here's my face.  I
> think I'm well aware of some 'clashes' on this list.  What am I
> missing?  What is to be done?  If anything?
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