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Thu Feb 1 14:30:39 MST 1996

>Chris in London wrote:
>Michael Luftmensch's post puts a dramatic question relevant also
>to the issue of racism, which the left often finds difficult to
>We usually oppose all the injustices of immigration controls and racism,
>without usually being able to call for a total abandonment of immigration
>I would suggest the total abandonment of immigration controls world
>wide would mark a further step in the triumph of civil (buergerlich) society.
>That is not the same as the goal of socialist democracy which we should
>be aiming to create world wide.

I would argue that all border and immigration controls of the bourgeoisie
should be opposed. Since capitalism is inherently racist and nationalist,
so are *their* police actions at border crossing points.

The question of how a workers' state would police its borders is another
matter, however. Such controls may be necessary for a variety of reasons,
not the least of which might be capitalist encirclement.

I would go as far to say that since under workers' rule there will still be
the remnants of national antagonisms, even though the objective basis for
these have been removed, so a state should be able to formulate its own
immigration policy; even to the point of excluding migrants.

Matt Kelly.

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