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Thu Feb 1 19:59:30 MST 1996

I still haven't thought this through. But if there are patents in MS, why
is that a problem? Note by the way that a parent in the S-model will
probably assign income and use rights to the inventor, but not absolute
ownership. If we are talking about a productive asset, it will belong to
the state and the patent user will have tp pay an assets tax on its value.
And will be responsible for maintaining its value, too!


On Sun, 28 Jan 1996 HANLY at wrote:

>  One key incentive to encourage innovation under capitalism is extensive
> patent protection. If entrepreneurs either as individual corporations or
> worker owned industries are to be encouraged to invest large sums in
> new products the argument is that they need protection from competition
> from those wh can snatch the info without the costs. THence patents are
> granted and this creates 
>  dynamic efficiency if I remember the catechism correctly- as contrasted
> with static efficiency. Defenders of market socialism claim that the market as
> contrasted with command, planned, systems encourages entrepreneurs and thus new
> ideas and products. So are we to have patents in the brave new market socialist
> world? After all, it is patents that protect the entrepreneur.
>   Cheers, Ken Hanly
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