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Hi Bruce.  You might find this reference useful.  If you can locate a copy
of it in Australia could you send one to me?  There aren't any at ANU.

AUTHOR(s):       Balibar, Etienne
TITLE(s):        Some Questions on Politics and Violence.

           In:   Assemblage.
                 APR 01 1993 n 20



>My name is Bruce and I am a post-graduate student in Australia.  I have only
>just joined this list, and I am still finding (or trying to!) my way around.
>I have an ongoing interest in Marxist and anarchist theory, particularly in
>regard to the state and revolution.  I am currently writing a Ph.D. on the
>concept of political violence, in which I intend to offer a critique of
>liberal theories of violence and the conceptions of order and 'normal'
>politics upon which they are based.
>I am keen to start or join any discussion on these topics, and shall look
>forward to hearing from whoever chooses to reply.
>Best Wishes,
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