re-market socialism

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Thu Feb 1 23:40:07 MST 1996

		Paul Cockshott wrote:

"On what basis does the state bank regulate credit between
competing applicants?"


 	According to a list of criteria similar to any capital investor -
possible rate of return for the business, relative ability to pay the money
back, relative desire to be associated with the business in question.

	Since the question of collecting is reasonably simple, the ability to
pay back goes to the perception of honesty of the candidates - whether they
are a fly-by-night or a earnest operation.   The rate of return is a
combination of the amount of interest a business can support, and the amount
of value it will add to the economy - and thus to the tax coffers.  The
desirability of the business goes to policy and public standards.  The
government might want to lend preferably to clean, green businesses, and not
to polluting porno movie factories.   



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