Cuba seminar: proposal

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Fri Feb 2 09:52:56 MST 1996

Bryan A. Alexander wrote:

> 	How?  If folks think I can do the job, I'll try to set up some 
> sort of syllabus and schedule for reading, based on popular consensus and 
> advice.  I promise not to use the seminar to attack any other thread, but 
> will try to keep discussion vigorous.

I will not reject Bryan's proposal out-of-hand. I do, however, have some 
reservations which I ask that he answer:

(1) Bryan, elsewhere in his post, offers support for Louis's "outline." He 
makes no mention of the objections that I have advanced regarding that 

(2) I have suggested that a *discussion* on Cuba (whether as a thread or 
cyber-seminar) should *begin* with a discussion of:

    a) the *current* conditions in Cuba (not a few years ago, for instance).

    b) the current perspectives of the Cuban government and the official 
       statements by the government and the party concerning changes in Cuba 
       and the direction that they want to move Cuba towards.

Bryan does not refer to the above. I suggest  the above it because I feel 
that is where the greatest misunderstandings have occurred.

(3) I have suggested, as part of 2) that we attempt to let *Cubans in 
Cuba themselves* express their perspectives on what is happening in Cuba 
today and where the country is headed. It seems to me to be a basic 
element of solidarity to allow and encourage Cubans to speak for themselves.

(4) I have some doubts about Bryan's ability to lead the seminar. He is 
aware of some of my complaints against his conduct as co-mod. He has 
still not said anything about the inappropriate conduct of the last leader 
of a cyber-seminar. Why not?


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