PGP not written by "Nazi" (says author)

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Subject: "PRZ a nazi" to be retracted

The Sunday Telegraph of London printed a story last Sunday about
neo-nazis using PGP to encrypt their communications.  The story
said that PGP was devised by an American neo-nazi sympathizer.
As the creator of PGP, and a human rights activist, I was
outraged by such a defamation from a major newspaper.  I called
my lawyer Phil Dubois, who seemed to look forward to having some
fun with this newspaper.

Not wanting to wait around till the morning, and slow lawyers, I
called Robin Gedye, the reporter in Bonn who wrote the story, at
7am Monday morning Bonn time, and woke him up at home.  I
introduced myself and told him how I felt about it.  He had never
heard of me, the Clipper chip, the controversies of cryptography,
and knew nothing about PGP outside of the couple of sentences in
his story that mentioned PGP.  He said it wasn't really so bad,
because he didn't specifically identify me by name.  One can
imagine the effectiveness of that excuse with me.  I then went
into some detail with him to bring him up to speed.  I also
called his editor in London, who also had never heard of me or

After some checking, they discovered that the Daily Telegraph, a
related newspaper, had run an article about my case just a week
before.  They also found about 20 recent articles on me in the UK
press.  The editor said that my story "checks out".  It was good
to know that they now believed that I was not a neo-nazi after

Anyway, Mr. Gedye says that the Sunday Telegraph will print a
retraction next Sunday.  Not just a little retraction, but a
whole article on the subject, written by Mr. Gedye himself.  I'm
glad to see that this probably means that he will dig into the
subject more, in order to write such an article.

I guess this means maybe I'll find some other things to occupy
Phil Dubois's time.

  -Philip Zimmermann
   23 Jan 96


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