OJ backlash

Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at state.ut.us
Fri Feb 2 13:26:55 MST 1996

While OJ is pitching his video interview [delete, delete] there is a
great idea for something more constructive.

What?  What could be better than OJ making money from [delete] I mean
continuing his quest to find the real killers?

I'll tell you.

Instead of donating to the OJ legal defense fund, please send your
$29.95 to the battered women's shelter near you.  Checks for exactly
$29.95 are now arriving at shelters all over the country, and they
need it a lot more than some celebrity ex-defendant.  They will
gratefully accept any amount that you may be able to give.

It will help to save more people from death by oppression and

Save the powerless, down with all oppression.


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