Resignation of all co-moderators (fwd)

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Fri Feb 2 13:30:07 MST 1996

Comrades, it is really sad that we are doing this to one another. Now, all
because of *one* yes, *one* member of this list, the structure is being torn
apart. I have had my differences with several of these people, but, all I can
say is, so what? That doesn't make them bad moderators. They've all done a
good job here. And I wouldn't like to see them go. Of course, this is their
collective decision. But I encourage everyone on this list who is tired of
seeing these attacks by Jerry to speak up. I haven't, I've been involved with
DPRK and Peru threads, and I am sorry that I did not. So I suppose this is my
last chance. Look at what is going on here! One individual doesn't like
Louis. Now he doesn't like anyone else either because they chose Louis to be
a co-mod. Think about this. How petty, silly and stupid can you get? I do not
refer to Louis, Chris, Lisa, Tom, Bryan, Jon and Gary. I refer solely to
Jerry Levy. This is a supreme case of an individual caring so little for a
collective that he would even try to force resignations for the reason a
personal animosity. That runs counter to every Marxist principle I've ever
learned or studied and I find it apalling. All I can say is, SUPPORT the
Comradely, Charlotte Kates

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