Can this l*st be salvaged?

CKates at CKates at
Fri Feb 2 13:51:13 MST 1996

Louis is not the attacker. You are not the victim. you are harassing them.
Read your own posts again, instead of Louis's. Maybe you would realize
something...or maybe not. 
you say Gary was wrong i saying there would be a cybverseminar. But you
declared that ther would not be. So what is with this?? I'm glad you didn't
becom a co-mod. If you did, this list would have been having these problems
continually--and also among the co-mods. So, i do say cool it, fuck off, and
all the rest. Because your "concerns" are nothing more than an attempt to
"get" louis. Your concern for censorship follows the same pattern. Now it's
time to attack Bryan too. What did he do to you, say bad things about you?
Poor boy! I feel sooooo sorry for you. This is coming close to a real attempt
to factionalize and destroy this list. I advise you to simply stop it.

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