Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at state.ut.us
Fri Feb 2 13:08:41 MST 1996

I hereby resign as 'comod'.  I remain your Spooner, i.e.

There are no 'rules' one way or another about how long a comodship
shall last, or how such a 'title' can be 'conferred' or 'removed'.  

Like everything else in an anarchic association, it is voluntary.

There is no State here.  'Civil' society is all we got. 

I have not, cannot and shall not try to 'force' anyone to do
anything.  Rather than trying to exert power-over, I exercise my
power-to: power-to protest, read, think, talk, write, create, laugh,
feel, whatever.  I encourage everyone to do the same.

If any one has 'power' or 'authority' onlist, it is not by virtue of
appointment by some 'higher' 'power'.

I remain your gadfly, resident biologist and anthropologist,
[attempted] comic relief, admin-liaison and friend of the list,


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