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Fri Feb 2 20:28:25 MST 1996

Chris, London wrote:

> I would be interested to know however why some people do *not* switch to 
> dige*t. One su*scriber has said that the size of the dige*ts is
> too big for his mail programme. 
> Are there any other reasons? (* added, JL)

Different people have different Net systems and hardware.

In my own case, I tried the dige*t but found that it didn't work very 
well. Why?

1) the time required to respond was _much_ longer. In practice, it meant 
that I had to re-type any words that I was responding to. This itself 
caused additional problems since it meant that I cut down on the amount 
of a person's post I was extracting (i.e. re-typing) and on one occasion 
got flamed because I didn't include enough of the person's post that I 
was responding to. A slow modem also hurts.

2) If you get the dige*t, with my system, you have to work your way 
through all of the dige*t to get at posts that interest you. As a regular 
su*scriber, it is easier to quickly look at a post and delete.

Total numbers of su*scribers, IMHO, tell us very little about the l*st. 
More interesting sta*istics would be:

a) what percentage of su*scribers did not post at all in the last month?

b)  "                        "    posted only once last month?

c) what percentage of posts were written by the 20 most frequent posters?

d)  "                        "                  40        "             ?


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