Cleveland Browns

Robert Peter Burns rburns at
Fri Feb 2 21:48:33 MST 1996

I am a fanatical supporter of Glasgow Celtic Football Club
(that's soccer to the yanks on the list).  If someone tried
to do to Celtic what the greedy capitalist pig is doing with
the Cleveland Browns, that person would, quite literally,
be killed.  Why, I might even pull the trigger myself.  
Justifiable homicide, I'd say.

Incidentally, South Africa are playing in the final
of the African Nations Championship (soccer, again,
for you yanks) against Tunisia tomorrow.  The South
African football team, unlike their rugby squad which 
won the rugby World Cup last year, is mostly black, and their 
nickname is "Bafana Bafana"  "The Boys, the Boys"  (I think 
that's right).  Glasgow Celtic, founded to raise money for
poor Irish immigrant children in the slums of Glasgow in
1888, have as their nickname "the Bhoys" (the 'h' signifying
a breathy Irish way of pronouncing this word.)  To subscribe
to the Celtic email discussion list, just type subscribe
in the text of a message to celtic-request at
Celtic have a great home page too!

Celtic!  Celtic!  That's the team for me!
Celtic!  Celtic!  On to victory.
They're the finest team in Scotland
I hope you will agree
And they'll never give up till they win the cup
And the Scottish football league!

That's my position and I'm sticking to it.

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