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Fri Feb 2 15:33:01 MST 1996

At 01:26 PM 2/2/96 -0700, you wrote:
>While OJ is pitching his video interview [delete, delete] there is a
>great idea for something more constructive.
>What?  What could be better than OJ making money from [delete] I mean
>continuing his quest to find the real killers?
>I'll tell you.
>Instead of donating to the OJ legal defense fund, please send your
>$29.95 to the battered women's shelter near you.  Checks for exactly
>$29.95 are now arriving at shelters all over the country, and they
>need it a lot more than some celebrity ex-defendant.  They will
>gratefully accept any amount that you may be able to give.
>It will help to save more people from death by oppression and
>Save the powerless, down with all oppression.

Since I *really* care about freedom, I think I'll donate my $29.95 to the RNC.
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