Lenin and internationalism

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>As I suggested, Lenin's later recognition of the importance of the =
>international movement became obvious in the role he played in the =

I think that there is a little misunderstanding here about what I argued in
my original posting. Lenin obviously understood the importance of
internationalism and the question of the International.

You can argue about whether he had too many illusions in the Second
International prior to its betrayal in 1914 and this is an arguable
position (not one I share). Additionally, you can argue that Lenin was too
slow in setting up the Third International after the betrayals of the
Second. Again, this is an arguable position (and one on which I hold no
strong views at the moment).

The argument in my original post was over whether Lenin should have
'forgotten' that he was Russian and put all of his energies into building
the Marxist movement where he happened to be; particularly since this was
in the more advanced capitalist countries, where 'traditional' Marxism said
the revolution was going to happen. Rather, he built a Russian organisation
in exile, with Russian language publications, etc.

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Matt Kelly.

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