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Brian Carnell briand at
Sat Feb 3 13:21:29 MST 1996

>	Very interesting, now can we get other municipalities to take over
>their teams?   
>	Can we demonstrate to people the uselessness of owners through the
>baseball situation?   When I ask the question: "Why do we need baseball
>owners?",  I always get the answer: "To manage the business end of the
>sport."   I say:, "OK, but couldn't the players hire business managers,
>accountants, lawyers, etc. themselves?"  The conversation always seem to end
>here, except for a couple of very vague remarks.  I think the baseball
>situation, with so many owners universally despised, and the obvious central
>role of players is a good primer.

If the owners/managers are simly superfluous, why don't the baseball
players, through their union, set up their own teams and leagues???

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