Marx the Chess player

Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Sat Feb 3 16:26:59 MST 1996

Are you sure that you have input the game correctly? On more careful
inspection the notation makes no sense. Thus the first move is described
as e4 e5, but on the opening board there is nothing on e4 (White's KIng
4), and nothing can move to e5 as a first move. Etc. --JUstin 

On Sat, 3 Feb 1996, zodiac wrote:

> What's the date and context of that game, Alex? Why was it recorded? 
> Where was it played? And who is Meyer? How is the game "authenticated"? 
> etc. 
> I loved chess when a kid... my favorite players were the American Morphy
> (Marx's time) and A.A. Alekhine of the USSR -- both were inspirational
> geniuses at the game board. As I say, I truly loved chess and studied it all
> through one summer vacation... then these things called drugs and girls
> entered my life... 
> Ken.
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