Mariategui & Latin American Marxism; lecture NYC 2-8

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Mariategui and the Origins of Latin American Marxism

two lectures by Gerardo Renique

Thursday, February 8 at 8 pm
and Wednesday, February 21 at 8 pm

Jose Carlos Mariategui, one of the most original and creative
Marxists that Latin America has produced, was an active
political organizer and cultural critic. His writings cover a
vast array of topics--from world politics to surrealism,
Peruvian history and Qechua literature. The first session of
this two-part discussion will focus on the works of Mariategui
and his particular socialist vision. The second session will
address his polemic and rupture with the Third International.

Gerardo Renique teaches history at City College, CUNY, and is
co-author of _Peru: Time of Fear_.

Admission to each lecture is $6.


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