ANC atrocities

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Sun Feb 4 10:45:18 MST 1996

You(Matt) wrote: 
>What communists should be counterposing to their ideology is class
>struggle, whether it be against a white supremacist regime or a black
>nationalist regime.
>Don't get me wrong here - I was as moved by the release of Nelson 
>as anyone - it's just that I don't think the answer (for Marxists) to 
>problems of South Africa will come from the ANC, or ever could have.

    I agreed with this statement.  It is, however, an standing concern
    about abuses.  These are no news.  The question of abuses from some
    sectors of the ANC in camps is as old as I can remember.  Ten years
    ago I heard it first hand by former members of the ANC in London.
    Then you have the stories of Winnie Mandela's bodyguards.  There is
    however, a positive side to it and is that there are some sectors
    of the ANC which has reacted to the violence and condemned it. 
    Including the condemnation of Mandela of Winnie's goons's abuses.


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