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Here we go again...

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Farrakhan's relationship with Khadafy to be probed

Washington - Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan will be
called before Congress to explain his relationship with
Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy, Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y.,
said Tuesday.

During Farrakhan's visit last week in Libya, Khadafy pledged
$1 billion to Farrakhan to influence U.S. elections and
foreign policy.

"Louis Farrakhan has crossed the line," King said. "This
would be state terrorist money being spread throughout
Farrakhan's empire of hatred here in America."

King said Farrakhan would be invited to testify before the
House International Operations and Human Rights
Subcommittee. But if Farrakhan refuses, King said he
was confident that the subcommittee would subpoena him.


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Gaddafi says Farrakhan will fight U.S. from inside

TUNIS, Jan 25 (Reuter) - Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who
has vowed to spend a billion dollars funding a Moslem lobby in
the U.S., said he had agreed with black American Moslem leader
Louis Farrakhan to fight the United States from the inside.

The official Libyan news agency JANA on Thursday quoted
Gaddafi in comments he made after meeting Farrakhan, who visted
Libya earlier this week.

``Our confrontation with America was like a fight against a
fortress from outside, and today we found a breach to enter into
this fortress and confront it,'' JANA quoted Gaddafi as
commenting on his talks with Farrakhan.

``On this basis, we agreed with Louis Farrakhan and his delegation
to mobilise in a legal and legitimate form the oppressed minorities,
and at their forefront the blacks, Arabs, Moslems, and red Indians,
for they play an important role in American political life and have
a weight in the U.S. elections,'' he added.

Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam movement, met Gaddafi
on Tuesday in Libya.

JANA, received by Reuters in Tunis, quoted Gaddafi as saying
American blacks could set up their own state within the United
States with the largest black army in the world.

``These oppresed minorities, with the blacks led by the Nation of
Islam at their forefront, agreed to enter the election period as a
card stronger than the Jewish card in the elections campaign and
to obtain their legal and legitimate rights,'' Gaddafi said.

``(The blacks) will be able to have a black state in America
particularly because they have a half million blacks in the U.S.
army, enabling them to set up the biggest black army on the
planet,'' he added.

JANA on Wednesday quoted Farrakhan as saying: ``I am happy
with the results of this meeting in order to unify Arabs, Muslims,
blacks and persecuted groups in America to play a strong role not
only in the American elections but also in U.S. foreign policy.''

The agency said Farrakhan's meeting with Gaddafi ``incarnates''
the leader of the oil-rich country's call last year to mobilise 10
million Moslems and Arabs in the United States.

The Libyan leader, whose 27-year grip on power has been marked
by frequent clashes with the United States, vowed in September to
spend up to $1 billion to help set up such a lobby and JANA
reported Libyan citizens were already sending donations.

 The United States accuses Libya of ``sponsoring terrorism'' and
wants to toughen existing U.N. sanctions imposed in 1992 for its
failure to hand over for trial in the United States or Britain two
Libyan suspects in the bombing of a Pan Am airliner.

The bombing, over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, killed 270

Farrakhan has also visited West Africa and is due to meet Moslem
leaders in South Africa on his tour of the continent.

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